Re: [xml] Query about Encoding formats(Libxml doesnot recognise windows-1252 encoding scheme)

Dheeraj I wrote:
Hi Tim.
I don't 100% got what you are trying to say. Is there any solution to
this problem. how do we go around such issues. There could some other
formatch not supported by libxml?

libxml2, in and of itself only knows 2 character sets - latin-1
(iso-8859-1) and utf-8 (well, maybe utf-16 too but I'm not sure).
But if compiled appropriately, it can make use of another library,
libiconv, which can handle conversions between many different character
sets (see - codepage 1252 is
clearly listed as supported).
It looks like your libcml2 library is compiled without iconv support,
resulting in the inability to use any character sets other than latin-1
and utf-8, or with a version of libiconv that does not support win1252
(if it's not a windows build, but a Unix one (e.g. HP-UX) you may be the
victim of a limited system iconv() implementation).

PS: Please keep replies on the list.

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