Re: [xml] Applying XSLT to HTML

Dmitry Dzhus wrote:
My aim is to apply XSLT to some HTML document (which may be broken
just a little). 

I'm using standard Python libxml2/libxslt bindings.

My code is:

   mf_extract = libxslt.parseStylesheetFile("mf-extract.xsl")
   doc = libxml2.readHtmlFile(url, None, libxml2.HTML_PARSE_RECOVER)
   mf_extract.applyStylesheet(doc, None)

Applying XSLT results as if there were no content in `doc` tree at
all. Using `readFile` instead of `readHtmlFile` works fine as

I tried to `print doc` after using both `readHtmlFile` and `readFile`
and noticed that, given the input document is well-formed, the output
differs only in XML declaration at the very beginning.

As I understand (and `document.type` indicates), using `readFile` and
`readHtmlFile` results in different kinds of documents --
`document_xml` and `document_html` -- while applying XSLT is only
possible with `document_xml` one. Is there any way to convert
`document_html` to `document_xml`?

Consider using lxml.


   import lxml.etree as et
   parser = et.HTMLParser()
   doc = et.parse(url, parser)


   for el in doc.getiterator("*"):
       if '{' not in el.tag:
           el.tag = "{}"; + el.tag


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