[xml] setting externelEntityResolver on a per-context basis

Hi All,

Is it currently possible in libxml2 to set the external entity resolver for an single xmlParserCtxt instead of using xmlSetExternalEntityLoader() which seems to be setting it globally?

I have tried setting ctxt->sax->resolveEntity to my resolve function, but that isn't getting used when I use xmlCtxtReadFile() with that context.

To word this differently, what I'm trying to do is to control how the URL parameter to xmlCtxtReadFile() is resolved in a concurrent environment, so that other parser instances may use different means of resolving URLs at the same time.

I have only tried this with 2.6.17 so far and I am just building the 2.6.29 in order to cross check whether the behavior is different there. Apologies if I have just written about an issue that isn't any longer existing in recent versions - I didn't see anything like this in bugzilla though.


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