Re: [xml] Two semantically identical files are being treated differently

Jason Viers wrote:
Jason Viers wrote:
David Grohmann wrote:
These 2 files have an element "PruningSection" which contain en 
element "Channels" that contains some text. These 2 files are 
extremely similar and I dont think they should be creating a node 
Tree any different than each other.
Yes, they should.  

My apologies, I looked at the examples too quickly and didn't notice the 
extra line breaks only occurred between attributes, not elements.

Are you sure they're being read in the same manner?  When I read them 
both have XML_TEXT_NODE as the the first child.  Is one being given 


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xml gnome org

Enum xmlParserOption {
    XML_PARSE_RECOVER = 1 : recover on errors
    XML_PARSE_NOENT = 2 : substitute entities
    XML_PARSE_DTDLOAD = 4 : load the external subset
    XML_PARSE_DTDATTR = 8 : default DTD attributes
    XML_PARSE_DTDVALID = 16 : validate with the DTD
    XML_PARSE_NOERROR = 32 : suppress error reports
    XML_PARSE_NOWARNING = 64 : suppress warning reports
    XML_PARSE_PEDANTIC = 128 : pedantic error reporting
    XML_PARSE_NOBLANKS = 256 : remove blank nodes
    XML_PARSE_SAX1 = 512 : use the SAX1 interface internally
    XML_PARSE_XINCLUDE = 1024 : Implement XInclude substitition
    XML_PARSE_NONET = 2048 : Forbid network access
    XML_PARSE_NODICT = 4096 : Do not reuse the context dictionnary
    XML_PARSE_NSCLEAN = 8192 : remove redundant namespaces declarations
    XML_PARSE_NOCDATA = 16384 : merge CDATA as text nodes
    XML_PARSE_NOXINCNODE = 32768 : do not generate XINCLUDE START/END nodes
    XML_PARSE_COMPACT = 65536 : compact small text nodes; no modification of the tree allowed afterwards (will possibly crash if you try to modify the tree)
so I guess I should say that if I OR them together and then call it like this?

 xmlReadFile( document_filename, NULL, XML_PARSE_PEDANTIC | XML_PARSE_NOBLANKS )

Also lets say this works. I'm about to try it.But is there a better way to get at that data than manually following pointers like I was showing in the GDB prompts?

Thank you,
David Grohmann
Senior Student Associate
Applied Research Lab : UT Austin : ESL - S206
Office: 512-835-3237

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