Re: [xml] Necessary steps involved in validating against an XSD?

On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 11:50:23AM +0100, Erik F. Andersen wrote:

I have looked at the code in xmllint.c because I need only the part that validates a XML against a schema, 
that is:
"xmllint --schema xsdfile.xsd xmlfile.xml"

Since I'm a Delphi programmer and I'm not too experienced with C I find the code in xmllint.c a bit 
confusing however (and I cannot debug either).

I was hoping that maby some kind soul would outline the necessary steps involved for me in XSD validation 
using LIBXML2? I'm using the latest version.

  Check the testSchemas.c whose source is available in the distribution,
it should be quite easier to understand.


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Daniel Veillard      | virtualization library
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