[xml] need info on using libxml2 - build, merge, template xml files

I'm new to use libxml2. I need general clarifications of using libxml2 for my application.
Say, I have a XML content as,
             <shortDescr>Hostname descr.</shortDescr>
             <longDescr>long descr of Hostname</longDescr>




1. Here, Is it possible to build a DOM tree using libxml2. (basic question. but still)
2. And is it possible to have "description", "datatype", "operations" as attributes
    in the DOM tree, instead of as sub nodes of "hostName".
3. Is there anyway to overlay XML file on an existing xml tree. ie., merge / append different xml files.
4. I have a template XML file and a config XML file. All the values for the template should be available in the config file. Is that possible with libxml2?
Please post your comments on this. Would be helpful for me to proceed further.

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