Re: [xml] =?koi8-r?b?eG1sRW5jb2RlU3BlY2lhbENoYXJzIGFuZCBjYXJyaWFnZSBy?= =?koi8-r?b?ZXVybiAvIENSTEYgLyAweDBEIDB4MEEgLyBcclxuIC8gMTMsMTA=?=

So, this mean, what i cant place "&#xx;" in content manually ? Yes, i'm understand, what in Microsoft peoples 
have tourble with standards, this can good see on IE.
But i have problem and with this situation i can't understand why i can't place manual escaped content in my 
xml file, if this don't break standard ?

  From an XML perspective escaping of code point 10 is needed only in attribute
value because of the rules I pointed in the XML spec. You need this to avoid
attribute normalization that the XML parser may do in attribute values. For
the values in element content there is no need to do that escaping so libxml2
does not do it:

paphio:~/XML -> cat test.xml
<foo attr="a&#10;b">a&#10;b</foo>
paphio:~/XML -> xmllint test.xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<foo attr="a&#10;b">a
paphio:~/XML -> 

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