Re: [xml] Memory overlap with apr

On Thu, Aug 02, 2007 at 01:36:24PM +0200, Marco Spinetti wrote:
Could I use xmlMemSetup to overwrite the memory 
allocation from apr ones? The problem is that the functions like 
xmlMallocFunc doesn't get as parametrs any pointer to for example apr pools.
Any ideas?

  You would have to use xmlMemSetup as first call to libxml2, which in
a Apache context where other modules may use libxml2 is not garanteed
to work. You could use global variables to point into the apr pool.
  Sorry Apache memeory management is way too different from normal
standardized interfaces, I would not rewrite all libxml2 code just to
add an argument (coming from where ?) to all xmlMalloc/xmlFree calls.


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