Re: [xml] Converting windows (and other) file paths to correct URIs?

On Thu, Apr 19, 2007 at 02:14:11PM -0700, greg_corson playstation sony com wrote:
Is there an API in libxml that will convert a windows file path
(including possible c: or \\server notation) into a correct and
standards compliant URI?

Does xmlPathToURI do this?

  It does something but there is no garantee it will work

If libxml doesn't have it, is there some URI library out there that does?

  As far as I know there is no normative definition of what an file URI
representing a Windows path should look like. There is a gazillion different
varieties and none will work everywhere. Basically I don't think this
can be done because there is no formal definition and no one ever suggested
to do one in the face of breaking "someone" software. No matter what it will
break in some context. 
  So no library, you must know the environment to do it, i.e. what
software will consume it. However if someone at the IETF finally got to
try this, I'm interested in a pointer to the given RFC, but everytime I 
checked in the past it was an issue nobody really wanted to fix.


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