Re: [xml] RelaxNG validation bug when in streaming mode?

On Tue, Apr 17, 2007 at 08:44:31AM -0500, david hagood gmail com wrote:

  Impossible to tell without full input and RNG. Depending on RNG it may
compiled to a regexp or not. Then processing is completely different.
Making guesses is a very time consuming process, which I usually avoid
when I can.
  Can you reproduce with xmllint --stream --relaxng .. ... ?

Hard for me to tell - the version of xmllint I have does not report
*where* the error occurred in the file. Is there a way to ask xmllint to
give me more information about where a validation error occurred?

If I cannot work through it on my own fairly quickly, I'll see if I can
create a simplified example - you *really* don't want to walk through a
several thousand line RNG schema, do you?

  definitely no. The fact thet schemas is several thousand line may indicate
that it's really more complex than what you initially suggested.


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