Re: [xml] Windows CE port for current stable libxml2

On Tue, Apr 17, 2007 at 10:07:23PM +0200, Bjorn Reese wrote:
Daniel Veillard wrote:

The only thing I will point out is that it touches some of the trio
files so maybe this need to be reflected by the upstream trio project
(if still alive :-)

Alive enough to take patches :)

I have upgraded the trio project with the changes, albeit with a few
changes, e.g. I have eliminated the need for wincecompat.h which is
a libxml file. Thanks Andreas.

  Good :-)

This may be a good time to draw attention to a project of mine called
cDetect [1].

cDetect is an alternative to Autoconf, where the feature detection is
written in ANSI C. This means that it only requires a C compiler (which
you are going to need anyways), and it works in the same way on both
Unix and Windows.

  Hum, auto* one of the most hated piece of of the infrastructure but
mandatory because there is no good replacement.
  You like challenges :-)

cDetect is still in alpha (or beta) stage, mainly because I still have
to iron out some details in the API. This means that cDetect is not
quite ready for prime time yet, but eventually it will be.

I have attached an example of how the libxml feature detection could
look, just to give you an idea (it is an older example that I used to
develop the API). The example will not compile as further files are
needed, but I can provide these if you are interested.

  it doesn't look much longer than, it's C so that mean a
number of people are gonna hate this, but it's not shell so it also mean
a number of people are gonna like it. It may actually be easier to debug
when something gets wrong.
  Very challenging, if it can really replace auto* a lot of people are
gonna praise you and this may actually succeed :-) . I included bakefile
as a parallel system, I may include this as a parallel system at some point
too ...

   Good luck !


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