Re: [xml] Questions about xmllint: possible bug?

  Where does this come from ???
xmllint do *not* require, use, nor even fetch the DTD ... unless you are
for it. Sorry doesn't do that for me.
I found the problem - I was specifying --valid incorrectly thinking that
was needed to get *any* validation (e.g. RelaxNG), rather than just DTD
validation. You might want to modify the program's --help output to note
that --valid is ONLY for DTD validation.

handle the fact that I use the same sub-element name two different
elements, among other problems).
Typo - what I meant to say is "use the same sub-element name UNDER two
different elements", as in:
where "volume" is a common concept between "yanni" and "spinal_tap", but
has slightly different semantics (e.g. "goes to 11" on spinal_tap, but
only "10" on "yanni")

xmllint --version
xmllint: using libxml version 20623

  Very first thing to do as pointed in the help page:

 Update to the latest version !!!
Yeah, SuSE *sucks* as a developer's environment, as they are routinely
behind the times. I'm used to working under Fedora, which, while it has
its own special set of faults, at least stays reasonably current. But work
has selected SuSE for various reasons....

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