[xml] Losing _private for external entities [Was: What is the _private field actually for?]

Hi Daniel,

Sure, it is likely to end up being in or around xmlParseExternalEntityPrivate() in parser.c though it already copies
_private if oldctxt is provided. I could chase this, I may be a bit faster
than you, but having other people learn about the code is IMHO a good thing
so if you're not afraid, go for it, definitely !

The problem seems to be here: xmlParseCtxtExternalEntity calls xmlCreateEntityParserCtxt, which creates a new parser context from nothing and does not take an old parser context to copy the _private data from.

Would the best way to fix it be to just pass a context into xmlCreateEntityParserCtxt, or perhaps just pass in the value of _private to be copied into the new context?



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