Re: [xml] c14n - attributes

On Mon, Oct 23, 2006 at 01:48:59PM -0400, Enrico Silterra wrote:
we are switching from using a dtd - to using a schema -
and are looking for the equivalent behavior - where, when

  Sorry I don't think this is implemented. Basically it's PSVI
add-on to the validated tree and that's a very sensible topic,
there is no PSVI support in libxml2 at this point.

using a dtd, the default attributes were supplied.

I am trying to understand why - what seems to be the
correct behavior (in my opinion)  -- maybe I don't understand the c14n 
spec --
does not happen, and if, using schemas, there is a way to
get it to happen.

Because DTD are part of XML-1.0 you can rely on them. XSD are an add-on 
with an awful lot of dark corners, I would not rely on it too heavilly.
C14N has no dependancy on XML Schemas as far as I can tell
you can't expect XSD attribute or element defaulting when processing C14N .


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