Re: [xml] c14n - attributes

Yes, it is correct behavior. I'll take a look but I don;t
know much about schemas code so no promises


Enrico Silterra wrote:
we are switching from using a dtd - to using a schema -
and are looking for the equivalent behavior - where, when
using a dtd, the default attributes were supplied.

I am trying to understand why - what seems to be the
correct behavior (in my opinion) -- maybe I don't understand the c14n spec --
does not happen, and if, using schemas, there is a way to
get it to happen.


Aleksey Sanin wrote:
Is there some other way to get this behavior?
I am not sure that this would work with "--schema" option.
Can you try to put default attributes into "embeded" DTD
directly in the XML file, please?


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