Re: [xml] bug 362989 -- still problem

Hi Daniel,

I retrieved the latest xmlregexp.c from CVS and re-compiled 2.6.26 (with
the new xmlregexp.c from cvs), I see the problem is improved, but not
100% fixed.

Before I had 2 xsd files, say a.xsd (about 140KB in size) and b.xsd
(about 160KB in size), both faced the infinite loop problem.

Now with your fix, my program validates a.xsd very fast, terminates and
reports the "non-deterministic" problem in almost no time. So the
infinite loop issue is fixed for a.xsd.

But for b.xsd (which is a little bigger in size than a.xsd), my program
still falls in infinite loop. Seems your fix has not helped b.xsd's

(The trim-down version of b.xsd in bugzilla now has no problem, so the
situation definitely improved).

I'll do more debugging (including trimming down the size of b.xsd) to
see if I can provide more info. Also did you mean if I fix the
"non-deterministic" issue in xsd file, I'll not run into this problem?

Yong Chen

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Thanks Daniel. I'll check the CVS.

I agree that "exponential" is a better word than "infinite 
loop", since during test I felt that the bigger the xsd file 
is, the (much) longer it takes. Sometimes when the file size 
is not too big, the problem will finally stop after running 
for a long time.

Best, and have a great holiday :-)

Yong Chen

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