Re: [xml] Parsing xml files

On 5/27/06, Sukomal Pal <sukomal_r isical ac in> wrote:
  I want to access the leaf elements in a xml document file and store them as a
plain text file removing the tags.I am new to xml and libxml.From the documents
and help material of ,I am not getting which
module to take from libxml.


First of all I recommend you install the latest release of libxml2,
since 2.6.11 is pretty old. Maybe the Reader API would suit your

The code-example section says about parse1.c to parse4.c, but they are not
available in libxml2-2.6.11, moreover libxml/tree.h and libxml/parser.h I am
not able to find.

  Could anyone experienced in libxml please guide me how I can get my job my
done ?

If you don't need to do any sophisticated manipulations of the data, I
would suggest you take a look at XSLT:


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