[xml] Include paths of libxml2


   I am writing an app using libxml2, it compiled OK on my PLD/Linux
but it fails for most other Linuxes because of includes. As usual, the
libxml2 includes are in <includes_top_dir>/libxml2/libxml/, and in PLD
there is also a link named <includes_top_dir>/libxml that points to
  In my program, I access libxml2 includes by
#include <libxml/file.h>
This didn't work on systems without the link I mentioned, and changing
all the includes to
#include <libxml2/libxml/file.h>
caused mess with internal libxml's includes. I have also tried giving
-I<includes_top_dir>/libxml2 to g++, but it also didn't work because,
according to man g++, directories include main include directory are
  So, my question is: What is the proper way to include libxml2
headers? I mean, cross-platform way, as my program works also in
Windows and compiles well.

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