Re: [xml] Copying contents from UTF-8 buffer...

On Mon, Mar 27, 2006 at 11:54:32AM +0530, harbhanu wrote:
I am using libxml's SAX2 set of API's for parsing xml files.
But now I have discovered that the content changes at there is a
possibility that the buffer content is changed 

When I want to copy the content from it.

Can you give a that I can use the same buffer pointers ( cur,
end etc) to copy the content from the UTF-8 encoded buffer..

  No. You are using a streaming imterface which was designed so that
it requires only fixed amount of memory whatever the document parsed.
If you have a 1MByte text node, SAX will *never* have one continuous 
buffer containing it all. So you can definitely forget about it.
  And XML is about structure parsing, you can't mix strcutured call
and raw flat informations without going though complex manipulation
you are mixing layers, don't expect any clean interface for this.

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