[xml] Copying contents from UTF-8 buffer...


I am using libxml’s SAX2 set of API’s for parsing xml files…


Now, based on the requirements, for some of the elements I don’t bother about the content…instead want to store whatever is present as text (UTF-8 encoded)…


For ex:


  <b> this is a test </b>




Here ..when I parse this..i want to store the content of element ‘a’..as it is present in the file/buffer..(also the file can be encoded in any of the iconv supported encoding format..)


Now, the problem is… I initially thought that I can copy the content from the buffer (UTF-8 encoded), for which the reference is stored in the xmlParserInput structure in the parser context..


Like..i can store the ‘cur’ pointer when I get startElement event for element ‘a’ and the using the ‘cur’ pointer when I get the endElement event for ‘a’ and the one stored I can copy the contents from the buffer…..


But now I have discovered that the content changes at times..so there is a possibility that the buffer content is changed

When I want to copy the content from it…


Can you give a solution...so that I can use the same buffer pointers ( cur, end etc) to copy the content from the UTF-8 encoded buffer….


Or atleast some kind of hook to know that the buffer content is changed...i.e. more content is read from input buffer to the UTF-8 encoded buffer.


Thanks in advance…






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