Re: [xml] xmlDocDumpMemory to my own buffer?

OK. For now that tells me to live with the copy :) But I may come back to it later.

No. Just get the write I/O handler to happend to your string.
It is not hard, your write callback does an append, and your close
callback does nothing or send the final result !

  It is not hard, it does what you want and can probably take less than
20 lines of glue code, comments included.

Fair enough.

I'm just worried about other places where I might be making calls that would start invoking the write callback. I'm in the midst of a port to Windows (oy) and I suspect that for now, however easy it is to write the handler, it is easier to just copy the buffer(s) - thankfully, they aren't all that large - i'm not sure if any of them are ever over a KB. I've got DLL's to fry first :)



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