[xml] RE: win32 file support for building libxml

On Thu, 2006-03-02 at 09:19 +1100, Eric Zurcher csiro au wrote:

On Win32, libiconv can be built either as a DLL (with associated import
library) or as a "static" library. The zip file includes the results of
both builds: iconv.lib is the import library for iconv.dll; iconv_a.lib
is the static library. The iconv_a.lib file is what you get when you use
the standard build procedure without the "DLL=1" option. The result
library was renamed to iconv_a.lib to prevent the problems arising from
having two different files names "iconv.lib".

At least I think that's how it happened. Am I right, Igor?

Thanks Eric for your mail. Even I thought that iconv_a.lib could be a
static library. When I build libiconv-1.9.2 with standard build
procedure and without using DLL=1 option, it built the standard
iconv.lib and not iconv_a.lib. 

I just wanted to confirm if I can just rename it to iconv_a.lib or there
is something more in it ? Even changing the Makefile.msvc could be an
option but is it needed?

Am I missing something?

Thanks folks!!


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