Re: [xml] How to add GB2312 charset

grep GB2312 *
cd include/libxml2
grep GB2312 *
Nothing shown with GB2312.
Nothing with EUC-CN either.
Please help!

Agreed with Daniel, that doesn't make sense ;-)

My libiconv also has GB2312. But my libxml2 does not have GB2312.
Frank Peng.

Your libxml2 does not need GB2312. But libxml2 needs to use the libiconv
that you provide.

The problem *might* be of a sort that I experienced some time ago and it
might be of interest to Daniel, too (that's why I even reply here):

The libiconv binding in libxml2 may fall back to the default OS iconv()
implementation instead of using the explicit libiconv() functions.
Compiling your own libiconv and telling it to the configure option of
libxml2 is not enough. If the OS provides its own iconv()
implementation, libxml2 will use that one at runtime and you will not
have the additional encodings (such as GB2312 in this case). That is
because libC is typically linked to your binary and libC already
contains iconv() symbols, but not that many encodings (depending on OS
and packages installed).

So what can you do?

Force libxml2 to your own libiconv() functions, not the iconv()
implementation of the OS. This can be done two ways. Version 1: Changing
the iconv() calls of libxml2 to specific libiconv() calls and force the
"iconv.h" to include the local include file of libiconv. Version 2: Use
the libiconv plug and preload it for your application so that the
iconv() calls are overloaded and directed to the libiconv instead of the
OS iconv() implementation.

To check if this is actually your problem, truss/trace your process and
check which iconv() function is used by libxml2. If this is your
problem, you will see jumps into iconv() of libC instead of libiconv.

Best regards


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