Re: [xml] problem with gzip decoding in nanohttp

Hi Daniel,

I accidently sent this to your private email, sorry for that.
So here's a repost to the group:

 Explain please, what 'so many functions' ?
Removing publicly availble function is not possible for API and ABI
compatibility, but code cleanup may make sense.

Sorry if I didn't explain myself correcly, I was obviously talking about
code cleanup.

 it's the only function which read the HTTP payload as far as I understand

xmlNanoHTTPRecv is the only function that reads from a socket but some of
the functions that uses it are: xmlNanoHTTPReadLine,xmlNanoHTTPRead,
xmlNanoHTTPFetchContent and more. Like I said, only xmlNanoHTTPRead actually
decompresses the bytes. Obviously not every byte that is read from the
network needs inflation (such as headers) but those that do, need to be
handled the same way,  in my opinion.

 I take patches then

I'd like to make a patch but I'm a very new user to this project and I need
some time to review and understand the unit some more before doing anything
that may introduce more bugs.


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