[xml] --tests working in win32---hi all thank you for your wonderfull support----

hi all

  first i would like to thank Kasimier and Daniel for their wonderfull support.

 hey man i want to thank not only them but all of you who have helped me directly and indirectly.

  thanks a lot Kasimier , its was you who made a flash in my mind..
 once again , i want your sincere help people ,

first i will explain what i have done and then you all inform whether i have done right or wrong

platform     :   windows XP
component  :  libXML2.6.20
files  : MakeFile.msvc , testapi.c

first i have gone through the MakeFile.msvc there i found utils task ..
when i first ran util task  with command  c:\.....>nmake /f Makefile.msvc utils
then there was a folder bin.msvc was created , in that file it has created all .exe files and some other files except testapi.*

later one of my friend said we require even testapi.exe ( most important) for testing..

so again i gone through
MakeFile.msvc , some where in utils: task i have added testapi.exe

thats all when i ran again
with command  c:\.....>nmake /f Makefile.msvc utils unfortunately there was an error displaying testapi.c : error snprintf cannot be resolved, later i have changed it to _snprintf  ( i have added underscore to it) , then i have ran it again with
  c:\.....>nmake /f Makefile.msvc utils  now fortunately  testapi.exe was created ...

luckily , wow i jumped ...  then i executed testapi , runsuite , runtest  ...

coool man all tests has worked and there was only 1 error  and  0  leaks

i am attaching a file the results what i have got......

  now can any you people tell me what i have done is right or wrong ...

please mail me as soon as possible...
  if i have made any voilations by changing code please forgive me

  anyway  infrom me your opinion abt this one



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