Re: [xml] thanks a lot ---some more help ---


On Wed, 2006-01-18 at 05:49 -0500, Rob Richards wrote:
Kasimier Buchcik wrote:
There's no "make tests" equivalent for the win side. If you look at
the makefile for win, you'll see only two test-sections defined there.
What exactly is the difference between the "make tests" and the 
I had started on building out the tests in the win makefile to make 
things a bit easier to work with but if the runtest.exe and runsuite.exe 
are how the tests should be run under windows I wont bother.

As far as I understand Daniel's intention, "make tests" should still be
the official way to test the library on linux & friends, and
runtest/runsuite are there for those plattforms which cannot run the
script driven tests; this includes the python-driven tests.
Additionally runtest/runsuite make debugging of the tests
But I don't see any arguments against extending the Makefile based
tests if one needs it.



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