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On Mon, 2006-01-16 at 18:50 +0530, venkat naidu wrote:
thanks a  lot Mr.daniel
i think it will be a lenghty mail but i want explain you all so that
you wont feel bad.. okk

i have given libXML 2.6.20 and i was supposed to build  binaries in
win32 system , i  have follwed the instructions which you specified
and started to build the component as steps given below ... 

first i set up all environment variables then i 

cscript configure.js compiler=msvc debug=yes  since i wanted to
install in same dir..

later i used 

nmake /f Makefile.msvc  ( initially they were few link errors which i
was able to resolve) 

after it was sucessfull then 

nmake /f Makefile.msvc install

then it gave me a sucessfull message..

i felt very happy ...

later the actual story began .. now i was supposed to test them .. 

so  i tried 

nmake /f Makefile.msvc tests

There's no "make tests" equivalent for the win side. If you look at
the makefile for win, you'll see only two test-sections defined there.

but there were few errors, later when i was browsing the CVS of i found libXML-tests.tar.gz

i downloaded it and followed instructions specified in it , i compiled
runtest.c testapi.c and  runsuite.c with linking specified
options ...eventhough initially i struggled a lot but it was cool

"runtest.exe" and "runsuite.exe" are created automatically together with
"xmllint.exe" when you build libxml2 with the Makefile for win; i.e.
you don't need to build them manually. Have a look inside
"win32/Makefile.msvc" to find out more. Inspect the output during the
build of "xmllint"; it will show you what compiler/linker
settings are used. You may be interested in the "/MD" option for
compiling your apps, since libxml2 is built with "/MD", if thread
support it turned on - and it is on by default.

finally i got the exe of respective files then i ran the exe's  in
command prompt

as shown below 


## XML Schemas datatypes test suite from James Clark

Ran 1035 tests, 11 errors, 0 leaks


## XPath expressions regression tests


/* in file xpath.c  */

/*  2 exceptions are occuring  here  */


/* in file _file.c  */

/*      2 exceptions  relating to     msvcr71.dll!_lock_file(void *
pf=0x00486a28)  Line 236   */
so these were the results so please tell me if some where i have gone

i need your full support regarding this ...

I have only time for 23.53% support today ;-)

The crashes you encounter may originate from the usage of different
runtime libraries by the libxml2.dll and your apps respectively.

Try a "dumpbin /dependents libxml2.dll" and an equal dumpbin on your
apps and compare the runtime DLLs.
Normally both, libxml2 and your app, should depend on MSVCRT.DLL. If
this is not the case, i.e. the runtime DLLs differ, then this will
be the major problem.
You could as well use the "Dependency Walker for Win32"; it has a nice
GUI but can be used from the console as well. It's a MS app, so try a
"depends" in your console to see if it's already installed on your box.

I had a similar problem for a long time, actually until today; I never
got it right to build libxml2 and its apps under the msvc++ GUI: I ran
into exceptions on fprint and its friends from time to time.
The problem was, that I always tried to use MSVCRTD.DLL
(note the last "D") for the libxml2.dll and C-apps, since I use the
msvc++ GUI for debugging libxml2. I always thought that my setup was
just miserable and a tiny piece was missing somewhere. Today I
tried building a minimal libxml2, without zlib, iconv, FTP- and
HTTP-support, so that at the end libxml2 and my apps had only
dependencies to MSVCRTD.DLL, NTDDL.DLL and KERNEL32.DLL. But this
still produced exceptions. So I reverted using MSVCRT.DLL and it
works like a charm.



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