RE: [xml] Schema validation error - enumeration

The Win32 binaries of 2.6.22 fixed the schema problems.
Many thanks.

Israel Ganor

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I have a severe schema validation error with libxml2 ver 
2.6.20 (Win32 
binaries). I simplifies the error to a minimal schema and XML file 
(see attached).

When validating the file using xmlSchemaValidateDoc(), I get this 
error on line 4: Element 'DOWNLOAD', attribute 'DOWNLOAD-METHOD': 
'fastcopy' is not a valid value of the local atomic type.

Might have been a bug in 2.6.20.
The latest version is 2.6.22, and actually I recommend using 
the schema processor as it is in the CVS head. But I see that 
the Win32 binaries for the last two releases are not 
available. If Igor doesn't wake up until the 4th of Januar, 
I'll try to provide them and will inform you.

Surprisingly, xmllint.exe successfully validates this file 
and schema. 
In addition, XmlSpy validates it successfully.

Yes, the schema + instance are perfectly valid.
But beware of XMLSpy's schema processor. I recommend using 
the latest Xerces schema processor as a reference validator.

What is the problem?
And why xmllint and xmlSchemaValidateDoc() give different results?

xmllint uses xmlSchemaValidateDoc() as well, so I don't know 
what exactly causes this effect on your side. You could look 
into the source of xmllint and compare your validation code 
with it. Be sure that xmllint and your app use the same 
libxml2.DLL; i.e. it might be the case that xmllint or your 
app use an older DLL. Scan your drive for multiple libxml2.DLLs.



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