[xml] LibXml Compilation for different hardware setup ..

Can anyone help me in making one makefile to compile the  "libxml"  package for two different hardware environments (like say 82xx and 85xx)
i have done it in this way ..that   i have made two makefiles ..with the name  as  "Makefile82xx "  and "Makefile 85xx" ...  
 and in that sub makefiles i have included the properties of their respective hardwares and on that two makefiles i have made one  master makefile which is controlling these sub makefiles  ...

but after this process when i do make ..this is not working ...

for single environment set up it is working fine ..

but for combines one ..it is not working ..

and even for directly doing make for Makefile82xx    with command
like  " make -f  Makefile82xx "...make is giving error ..

Pls suggest me some ways ...


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