Re: [xml] more questions on catalogs

On 2/24/06, Rick Jones <rick jones2 hp com> wrote:
Chris Wareham wrote:
Rick Jones wrote:

I've not looked through the other patches, but I don't think any changes
that are made to xml2-config have to do with XML catalog support. Those
kind of config scripts are normally just patched to add in things like
default linker paths. Programs don't have to be aware of where the
default catalog is, the library is configured to know when it's built.

Programs - or more specifically, installation mechanisms for those
programs - certainly do need to know where the default catalog resides.

rick jones

Yes, but in the case of NetBSD's pkgsrc, the "installation mechanism"
knows where the catalog is - after all, it's part of the system that set
the catalog's location.

And how can my program - netperf4 - learn where NetBSD decided to stash the catalog?

If your program was packaged in pkgsrc, the package maintainer would
make sure it knew, by patching either the source or configuration
files of your program as a step in the package installation procedure.
At least that's how I think it's supposed to work. The pkgsrc system
tells your program, your program does not ask the pkgsrc system ;)

Aron Stansvik

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