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On Mon, Aug 21, 2006 at 07:22:12PM +0200, Rob Laveaux wrote:

I'm using the Windows binaries of libxml as provided by Igor  
Zlatkovic (version 2.6.26).

When I call xmlSaveFormatFileEnc it saves the XML file 
using line feeds.
Is it possible to configure the line ending style to 
carriage return  
+ line feed?

  No, 1/ XML parser must convert on input
      2/ when serializing an XML toolkit won't add extra characters to
         the document

Clearly XML tools should have no problem processing the output and
libxml2 behaviour is the correct one.


Having the possibility to set the line-ending would
heal issues with some editors on the win side which
do messy stuff with non-Windows line-endings. I don't know
if there are issues on the Mac OS side.

Maybe one should consider the addition of such a feature, although,
in my opinion, not to the extent of DOM's Load and Save module,
where the line-ending can be set to an arbitrary value - I wonder
what was the background to allow this:



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