Re: [xml] Re: maybe_offtopic: help with using exslt functions (SOLVED)

Hi Daniel,

silly me. The test-suites are usually a good source of example, but I tend to forget that. Thanks a lot - everything works fine now. Means soon we get a much better devhelp app ;)


PS.: and a thousand thanks that you went back to gtk-doc. There is more good stuff comming soon there too.

On Wed, Sep 28, 2005 at 08:32:41PM +0200, Stefan Kost wrote:

Can anyone point me to an example as a proof of concept?

xsltproc --dumpextensions

$ xsltproc --dumpextensions | grep strings

so it seems to be available. Thus I dropped the include with the custom

What makes you think so? From the log you posted:
| Registering extension prefix str :

You could always spell the namespace correctly.

That came from the inlcude. I named it

unfortunately still no success here :(

  there is a number of examples on how to use them in the regression tests

  paphio:~/XSLT -> ls tests/exslt/strings/
  CVS/         split.1.out  tokenize.1.out  tokenize.2.xml  tokenize.3.xsl
  Makefile     split.1.xml  tokenize.1.xml  tokenize.2.xsl  split.1.xsl  tokenize.1.xsl  tokenize.3.out  tca.log      tokenize.2.out  tokenize.3.xml
  paphio:~/XSLT ->

as they are part of the test suite they are garanteed to work.


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