[xml] XML modules and interface

I am going through the APIs and modules listed on the website to include
into LSB specification. 

I have identified some modules which I think should not be included into
the LSB specification because they are not meant for an application.
Below is the list of such module along with brief reason. I would really
appreciate your feedback on my analysis or if you think something should
be included because it is supposed to be used by application.. please
also point out if I missed something which should not included.

DOCBparser - Deprecated
SAX - Deprecated
parserInternals - internal routine
hash - internal
list - internal
pattern - for validation
relaxng - for validation
schemasInternals -for validation
schematron - for validation
valid - for DTD validation
XLink - unfinished/???
xmlIO - seems internal module
xmlmemory - memory allocator (seems internal module)
xmlregexp - seems internal module
xmlschemas - incomplete
xmlschemastypes - internal
xpathInternals - internal
debugXML - Debugging APIs


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