[xml] Validation problems with an XML without default namespace

Dear guys, first sorry for my english, and second, the problem.

I have a plain XML in a memory buffer as:


Parsed in a xmlDocPtr without problems.

In the other hand I have a XSD file to validate the XML buffer and my xmlSchemaValidCtxtPtr prepared for that XSD file.

The XSD defines a namespace not present in my plain XML and parsed x_doc (xmlDocPtr type variable).

When I run (with error checks omited and tested all these lines executes perfectly):

xmlDocPtr x_doc = xmlReadDoc(
        BAD_CAST my_buffer_xml_ptr,
        0, // Uri
        my_encoding, // Encode
        0 // Opciones
xmlSchemaParserCtxtPtr x_sh_parser_ctxt = xmlSchemaNewParserCtxt(
        BAD_CAST "my path to the XSD file"
xmlSchemaPtr x_sh = xmlSchemaParse( x_sh_parser_ctxt );
xmlSchemaValidCtxtPtr x_sh_ctxt = xmlSchemaNewValidCtxt( x_sh );

I have in x_sh_ctxt my validation context and in x_doc my tree.

And, the real problem, the next line is:

int res = xmlSchemaValidateDoc(x_sh_ctxt, x_doc);

After this line, the validation works, but it says to me that a NS is required. I tried this (before the xmlSchemaValidateDoc() call):

xmlNsPtr x_ns = 0;
xmlNsPtr x_ns2 = 0;
int kk;
xmlNodePtr x_raiz = xmlDocGetRootElement( x_doc );
x_ns = xmlNewNs( x_raiz, BAD_CAST "urn:hl7-org:v2xml", BAD_CAST "" );
if( x_ns ) {
        xmlSetNs( x_raiz, x_ns );
x_ns2 = xmlNewNs( x_raiz, BAD_CAST "urn:hl7-org:v2xml", BAD_CAST "n" );
if( x_ns2 ) {
        xmlSetNs( x_raiz, x_ns2 );
kk = xmlReconciliateNs( x_doc, x_raiz );

But now, appears only the root element has a namespace assigned and the validation fails in first root element child, because it not found the namespace.

The libxml2 library is not the last version, but before I upgrade the version I want to know if I must use a function as:

void setElementNS(xmlNode * a_node,xmlNsPtr nameSpace)
    xmlNode *cur_node = NULL;
    for (cur_node = a_node; cur_node; cur_node =
cur_node->next) {
        if (cur_node->type == XML_ELEMENT_NODE) {

to assign "manually" the namespace to ALL elements, or there are an API to do this task.

Any idea about this problem?


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