RE: [xml] libxml questions

 the ones provided by running

and possibly
the later will have output change over time as Schemas support improves

Doing so requires to fetch the test tarball
Again, all this is explained in README.tests which starts with


   Instructions for standalone test regressions of libxml2

Is this file lacking clarity ?

No, I got it.. its working.. but the oldest tarball I see there is
2.6.20 so having problem running against the libxml2 which is currently
shipped with the distro, most of them are still on 2.6.17... and no test
tarball available for that..  Are these test forward compatible I mean
can I run 2.6.17 test against 2.6.22 libxml2?

Are these test are configurable..  because xml2 has different modules
and some of them are optional.. Normally when distro ships the xml2 can
they exclude any module.. what is usual practices? If they are
configurable then how I can configure?  
Do you know what is the plan for distro to uplift the number... Is there
any cycle you know? 


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