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On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 02:34:48PM -0700, Jain, Nilesh wrote:
No, I got it.. its working.. but the oldest tarball I see there is
2.6.20 so having problem running against the libxml2 which is currently
shipped with the distro, most of them are still on 2.6.17... and no test
tarball available for that..  Are these test forward compatible I mean
can I run 2.6.17 test against 2.6.22 libxml2?

  it probably won't work:
    - because the API extended
    - because testing schemas regression tests on older releases won't
      work either.

Are these test are configurable..  because xml2 has different modules
and some of them are optional.. Normally when distro ships the xml2 can
they exclude any module.. what is usual practices? If they are
configurable then how I can configure?  

  Distro should not change the default configure to drop some subparts,
otherwise, well there is no ABI/API garantee possible. If someone configure
with --minimum only a few XML parsing API will be left, which may be fine
for embedded systems but not what you want to standardize on.
  That said the test should still compile and work to some extend, if you
compile out some parts, but obviously all the schemas test suite won't
work if you disabled schemas support.
  The API and the associated flags where they are defined is recorded in
doc/libxml2-api.xml there is one in each release tarball.

Do you know what is the plan for distro to uplift the number... Is there
any cycle you know? 

I an not sure I understand the question. Distro often update when I make
release until their code freeze point. Then it's a matter of policy w.r.t.
updates and each distro has its own.


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