Re: [xml] libxml questions

On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 08:44:50AM -0700, Jain, Nilesh wrote:

Can you point me the location of Python script you used.. could you
the instruction to do that, if you have them handy..


What are you trying to do ? 

LSB has a requirement of run time test (,
which is required to verify the distro. I am trying to figure out can I
include existing test suite into LSB runtime, if so then which one and
how. You insight would be helpful. 

  the ones provided by running 

and possibly
the later will have output change over time as Schemas support improves

Doing so requires to fetch the test tarball
Again, all this is explained in README.tests which starts with


    Instructions for standalone test regressions of libxml2

Is this file lacking clarity ?


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