Re: [xml] LIBXML

On Tue, Sep 20, 2005 at 02:25:10AM +0400, Dima wrote:
Hello all!

Please, tell me how can I omit <?xml... declaration in output xml?

 dumping my answer from IRC.

[00:25] <DV> can't by default 
[00:25] <DV> you would have to serialize separately all the children of the document
[00:28] <Andrewi> DV, where can I find it in docs?
[00:29] <Andrewi> DV, write please name of function I have to look for.
[00:32] <DV> did you checked the search on ?
[00:33] <Andrewi> yep. i can't find anything about 'serialize' in docs. but keep trying... :)
[00:42] <DV> xmlNodeDump
[00:42] <DV> do that for all children unbder the doc
[00:42] <DV> or just allow the <?xml 
[00:43] <DV> because it *should* be there
[00:43] <DV> and no XML parser should ever choke on it


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