Re: [xml] XHTML Doc serialization and meta element

Disregard that last email. I found the problem. It fails due to the added meta tag and the charset being added.

When the resulting file is processed - its also ran through and then compared to the result of processing the origional test file, which would now would happen in ever case and not just when htmlSaveFileFormat is called, the output is handled via UTF8toUTF8 and not UTF8toHTML so the entity refs are not re-created.

This has the potential of breaking a lot of apps not expecting this change in encoding.


Rob Richards wrote:

Can someone try out this patch and run the regressions on it (HTMLtests in particular)?:

For some reason I am seeing some failing HTML tests (4 exactly but one is that I havent change the python.html test) I dont believe I was seeing any failures last week and not sure what may have changed


For example (under linux):
fp40.htm result
13c13 < <font size="2"><i>&copy; Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1999&nbsp;</i></font> --- > <font size="2"><i>© Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1999 </i></font> 24c24 < <h2>Contents&nbsp;</h2> --- > <h2>Contents </h2> 27c27 < <p>&nbsp;</p> --- > <p> </p> 51c51 < ResourceConfig /dev/null&nbsp;<br> --- > ResourceConfig /dev/null <br> 152c152 < <p>&nbsp;</p> --- > <p> </p>

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