Re: [xml] XHTML Doc serialization and meta element

Daniel Veillard wrote:

 yes the call from the HTML serializer will have to go too for basically
the same reason but one step at a time is fine :-)
Can someone try out this patch and run the regressions on it (HTMLtests in particular)?:

For some reason I am seeing some failing HTML tests (4 exactly but one is that I havent change the python.html test) I dont believe I was seeing any failures last week and not sure what may have changed

Also not sure how many of the libxslt tests are supposed to fail. The failures I am seeing there seem to be related to the same reason the ones in libxml are failing. My changes should not be causing this, and the results are fine under windows, just not my linux build.

For example (under linux):
fp40.htm result
13c13 < <font size="2"><i>&copy; Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1999&nbsp;</i></font> --- > <font size="2"><i>© Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1999 </i></font> 24c24 < <h2>Contents&nbsp;</h2> --- > <h2>Contents </h2> 27c27 < <p>&nbsp;</p> --- > <p> </p> 51c51 < ResourceConfig /dev/null&nbsp;<br> --- > ResourceConfig /dev/null <br> 152c152 < <p>&nbsp;</p> --- > <p> </p>

But under windows the entity refs are printed fine and test passes.

The patch has a few things:
- adds the new meta handling to HTML serialization
- updates HTML tests (not sure how to change the python test in HTML as file says it is auto created)
- adds format handling for the meta element in xmlsave.c

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