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Ok, I thought I had to allocate memory, it should be ok.


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Jones, Mark A (Mark) wrote:

below is an exerpt I yanked from the libxml2 documentation.  hope it helps - it suggests to me that the 
function will return the size of the tree in the variable 'size'.

void    xmlDocDumpFormatMemory  (xmlDocPtr cur, xmlChar ** mem, int * size, int format)

Dump an XML document in memory and return the #xmlChar * and it's size. It's up to the caller to free the 
memory with xmlFree(). Note that @format = 1 provide node indenting only if xmlIndentTreeOutput = 1 or 
xmlKeepBlanksDefault(0) was called

cur: the document mem: OUT: the memory pointer size: OUT: the memory length format: should formatting spaces been added

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I'm using this function (xmlDocDumpFormatMemory ) to dump my xml tree to a xmlChar*, I'm reading the documentation, and I am said it's up to me to specify &size ? how can I know the size of the three that will be dumped ? I supposed the memory for the xmlChar** mem will be reserved by the function itself ?

I'm looking for this in the API Doc, but I can't find it.



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