Re: [xml] Incorrect handling of non-hierarchical URIs?

On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 03:41:15PM -0700, brendandixon mac com wrote:
RFC 3986 introduced ABNF for URIs. In doing so, they resolved  
ambiguities in RFC 2396, one of which was the handling of query/ 
fragment components of a URI.

After again reading both RFCs, I can see the confusion and am not so  
certain that I would've coded URI parsing differently than LibXML2  
has. In any case, since they've clarified the issue (which results in  
much more consistent handling), I'll file a bug with a suggested fix.

  Okay, thanks. The update of uri.c from 2396 to 3986 is one of the
maintainance things to do on libxml2.


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