[xml] Incorrect handling of non-hierarchical URIs?

In making some tests and scanning the code (LibXML2 2.6.7), it appears that xmlParseURIOpaquePart (and possibly the routines that build URIs) is slightly incorrect: RFC 3986 (and I don’t believe this has changed since RFC 2396 etc.) states that, for non-hierarchical URIs, the path component consists of all characters up to the ‘?’ after which it is parsed the same as hierarchical URIs. That is, what LibXML2 calls the “opaque” part is really a non-hierarchical “path” and it may be followed by a query and fragment component.

I have two questions: First, has anyone else encountered and fixed this? :) Second, if not, does anyone have a sense for the impact such a change might have on LibXML2 and its community? Parsing out the query and fragment components outside of LibXML2 for these opaque paths might be problematic if they contain interfering escaped characters (that LibXML2 translates).

Thank you,
Brendan Dixon

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