Re: [xml] indent in the output file

Hi Phillip,

> After using xmlTextWriterSetIndent(m_writer, MY_INDENT) and
> xmlTextWriterSetIndentString(m_writer, MY_INDENT_STR)
> with const MY_INDENT = 4 and const xmlChar MY_INDENT_STR[2] = " ",
> i experienced, that there is no difference in the output,
> whatever the indent parameter is 1, 2 or greater.
> Is this a bug? How to i set an indent of 4 spaces?
Maybe you have misinterpreted the docs...

Try that one:

xmlTextWriterSetIndent(m_writer, 1);
xmlTextWriterSetIndentString(m_writer, "    ");

The first one tells you to enable indention, the second one supplies the indention string (4 spaces here).
This should solve your problem when using the xmlTextWriter API...

It would also be nice to have this possibilities if one is not using xmlTextWriterAPI. Like

There these possibilities are missing, at present I am running into a similar problem with these functions
which I have outlined here on friday:

At present I have no solution for my problem...
I would also like to have these possibilities when using a given xmlDoc.
Has anyone a solution for this?



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