Re: [xml] Probably should not look for/use shl_load if dlopen is found (2.6.17)

On Thu, Mar 10, 2005 at 09:43:12AM -0800, Rick Jones wrote:
# diff -c  xmlmodule.c.orig xmlmodule.c

 okay, makes sense. I made the changes, thanks !
 BTW patches are better sent as mail attachments so they don't
get messed up by the transport layers.

(BTW, I changed my subcription to rick jones2 hp com from 
rick_jones2 hp com, so the approval stuff should no longer be an issue - 
noticed it when I saw the delays.)

Inline vs attachements - every project seems to go differently there :( 
Some lists strip attachments, hard to keep it striaght which is which.  All 
thanks to that OS that can't seem to ever shake a cold (virus)... sigh.  
I'll try to remember to do attachments in the future.

  okidoc, thanks !

So, with those patches I get clean compiles for both 32 and 64-bit 11.11 
and 11.23 IPF.  I can though generate beaucoup warnings if I enable all 
warnings and migration (32 to 64-bit) warnings.  The bulk of them seem 
harmless (having waded through them briefly) and some look like the 
compiler being overly paranoid, but some may be of interest.  Would you 
like to see the entire list (as an attachment of course :)?

  there was a guy from who was posting all warning obtained 
by compiling on Solaris or HP-UX in bugzilla, good to have them there
and try to cleanup between releases, so yes sure !


Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Desktop team
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit | Rpmfind RPM search engine

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