Re: [xml] thoughts?

Daniel Veillard wrote:
Speaking for myself and not for anybody else in the project or elsewhere.

On Tue, Mar 08, 2005 at 11:47:56AM -0800, Rick Jones wrote:

  It's my choice so far because I have been extremely annoyed by this
issue. It doesn't imply any change in Licence or something of that order
just that I don't feel like giving my time away for companies which on
the other hand bite me by paying lawyers and lobbyist to threaten my
programming freedom. If you are using libxml2 it is because that freedom
existed in the first place don't remove it! If you are using libxml2 for
an open source project I will of course help you !
  I may cool down or find a better way to express those companies how
much I'm annoyed (if you have ideas, I welcome them privately at
daniel veillard com) in which case it will be just temporary. I am feeling
at risk, I do feel libxml2 and the whole project potentially at risk due
to this action, and I feel I must not let this go unnoticed.


I'm totally down, didn't sleep last night and full of anger. I hope that
you all are aware that the decision of the council was potentially made
_with_ the knowledge of having desastrous effects in the future. I do
believe that - and you may contact your lawyer now, my name is Kasimier
Buchcik - corruption played a role in this process, plus the fact that
the council does not want to show weakness before the next european
elections, where it will be given even more power.
I'm fed up with those lobbyists destroying more and more of the healthy
infrustructure we have, getting fat and leaving deserts behind. So
thanks for stealing jobs, motivation, passion, freedom, fairness and a
learning plattform for so many programmers.
People, please, wake up, this is no tiny peccadillo, which will be fixed
next year, and everything's fine again.
The human race is bound to mechanisms which will periodically lead to
power of few and sorrow of the rest; this is no new news, you don't
have to read Marx to understand it; but you mark yourself guilty, if you
don't use this knowledge to make the healthy period last longer.
I may cool down as well as Daniel, but for now I think I should have
kept making music and spend my evenings in pubs, which seems more
rewarding after all. This all is disgusting.



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