Re: [xml] xml:space and xml:lang problem

One thing to note about the patch however is that the the value for xml:space will be enforced again. Currently, its value could be anything since the checks are bypassed, but with the patch, the behavior reverts back to how it was in 2.5.x where only "default" or "preserve" are allowed. Everything else results in an xmlFatalErrMsgStr.


Daniel Veillard wrote:

 I'm not against applying the patch, but could you give a few lines of
explanations ? xmllint --noblanks is not conformant "by design", but I think
I understand what it's about, I would just like to be sure. I assume
the xml:lang is about checking the value, we (W3C XML Core WG) relaxed this a lot in the second edition of the XML specification. I would say xml:lang warnings should only be raised in pedantic mode at this point,
note also that xml:lang="" may be used too.


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