Re: [xml] xpointer range in attribute node

On Thu, Feb 03, 2005 at 09:52:43AM -0000, Couch, PA (Philip) wrote:

I found that the XPointer scheme spec. is not too clear about this, except that the last part relating to 
the string-range function reads:

"...string-range is useful for locating ranges that are wholly enclosed in other node types as well, such 
as attributes, processing instructions, and comments"

This lead me to hope that I could do this. I am working on the specification of mappings from ontologies to 
XML schema, and the ability to point to sub-strings in attribute values would be more than useful. I was 
confused when I could not find a single example of this, since if it is useful to point to sub-strings in 
an elements content, then it is likely to be useful to be able to do the same for attribute values.

  Please remember that XPointer was defined in tandem with XLink to 
improve document hypertext on an XML based Web. And since attributes
are not displayed I don't think pointing within attrubutes was really
a requirement from our charter point of view. But that's true for 
comments content too ... So I'm not 100% sure about XPointer and
attribute content selection, sorry.


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