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I found that the XPointer scheme spec. is not too clear about this, except that the last part relating to the 
string-range function reads:

"...string-range is useful for locating ranges that are wholly enclosed in other node types as well, such as 
attributes, processing instructions, and comments"

This lead me to hope that I could do this. I am working on the specification of mappings from ontologies to 
XML schema, and the ability to point to sub-strings in attribute values would be more than useful. I was 
confused when I could not find a single example of this, since if it is useful to point to sub-strings in an 
elements content, then it is likely to be useful to be able to do the same for attribute values.

Thanks for your help with this,

Philip Couch.

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On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 05:48:44PM -0000, Couch, PA (Philip) wrote:

Is it possible to use libxml's xpointer implementation to locate ranges that are completely enclosed in 
attribute nodes?

  From my recollection, no it's not possible. Attributes aren't represented
on screen and I thing strings in attribute values were not part of the
requirement of rendering selection in XPointer.

Using libxml, I get empty location sets from xpointer expressions of the form:


Thanks for any help that you may be able to give,



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