Re: [xml] Delphi bindings for libxml2

On 03.02.2005 00:05, Eric Zurcher csiro au wrote:

Hello all,

It is now almost exactly 2 years since the last update of Petr
Kozelka's Pascal units for accessing libxml2 and libxslt(available at Those units
corresponded to release 2.5.10 of libxml2. Since then, there have
been a number of significant additions to the libxml2 API, such as
the addition of the SAX2 parser.

I make extensive use of libxml2 in several of my Delphi applications,
and wanted to be able to make use of the faster SAX2 code, so I
thought I'd try updating the bindings on my own. I first tried using
h2pas, but found that it didn't work as well as I had hoped (perhaps
a result of my inexperience in its use). As an alternative, I put
together an XSLT transformation to generate the bindings from
libxml2-api.xml (and its libxslt counterparts), rather than from the
*.h files. This approach seems to have worked well, with the output
of the transformation requiring only a tiny bit of manual editing.

I have tried several times to contact Petr to see whether he would
like to incorporate my binding into his libxml2-pas project on
sourceforge, but I have received no response from him. I am writing
now to see whether anyone else is interested this code, or in
providing a "home" for it so that it can be distributed (preferably
under the terms of the MIT license) to any who wish to use it.

I can put the code on together with the Windows binaries. It will be automatically mirrored on I can give you a shell account on so you can update the package(s).


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